Toy chain store shopping guide should grasp what skills

now has a lot of businesses to invest in toy chain stores, mainly to see its market prospects are good, business opportunities worth grasping. If you invest in such shops, how should I do a good job training? A good shopping guide can help you improve the profitability of the store, they need to have the service skills which? Let’s have a look.

1, familiar with the characteristics of their own toys. Advantages, disadvantages, price strategy, technology, variety, specification, promotion, competitive toys, alternative toys. In particular, in front of customers should pay attention to the display is very familiar with toys.

2, familiar with the target customers to sell their toys. These target customers to be classified, which is the core customer, non core customer who, what is the focus of the customer, which is non key customers, customers can be divided into several categories, classified according to what way, according to different customer categories should adopt what different strategies and methods respectively. The time and effort allocated to different types of customers are different.

3, familiar with the toy market. How to subdivide the market, what are the competitors, the capacity of the market, the geographical distribution of customers and the distribution of toys, the toy market in the short – term trend of development (the next 2-3 years).

4, pay attention to methods and strategies. Marketing is not only the foolhardy, to sum up experience, and constantly improve. But also has the characteristics of shopping guide, is a very difficult time began, unable to start, with the increase of time, will be better and better. Will dig out a lot of business opportunities. Shopping guide process is also a process of expanding interpersonal communication. Through this activity, a large number of interpersonal networks will be expanded, the amount of information will also be a substantial increase in the interpersonal network and market information will provide a lot of opportunities for further entrepreneurship.

toy chain shopping guide in the service of customers need to pay attention to some problems, only when you are familiar with the product, when you understand the needs of customers, mastered the correct marketing methods, to be able to promote the transaction reached. The above skills can be used as a reference, I hope to help join the shopping guide to master more business skills, learn quickly.

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