Xuzhou held in Shenzhen venture capital investment promotion

now the country are trying to attract foreign investment, a variety of investment activities and investment promotion will also be held in many places like a raging fire, recently in Xuzhou will adhere to the principle of going out in the organized venture investment promotion in Shenzhen.

this venture investment promotion as the highlight of the event, the 2015 Xuzhou (Shenzhen) venture capital and private equity financing fair will be held in Shenzhen Futian National Free Trade Zone in July 29th, which will be Xuzhou Shenzhen chamber of Commerce invited more than forty domestic and international well-known venture agency executives and dozens of key enterprises responsible for financing demand from Xuzhou participants, 80 venture capital and equity financing projects face-to-face negotiation.

to participate in this promotion projects involving high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, networking, modern logistics park, the headquarters economy park Xuzhou focus on the development of new industries and modern service industry, the relevant enterprises will also strive to allow more projects to obtain a Shenzhen investment institutions favor and investment.

according to the Xuzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission official introduction, since last year, Xuzhou first went to Shenzhen to carry out entrepreneurial investment promotion, there have been 17 financing project contract implementation, a total investment of 7 billion 500 million yuan. Through this year’s promotional activities, Xuzhou and Shenzhen in the field of venture capital cooperation, project implementation, financing and other aspects of the scale will be further expanded and improved.

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