What to do business to make money to recommend good projects

if you want to make money, then you may wish to try their own investment to do some business, to know that only by working to earn less money. Maybe you have to ask, what business to make money? Do you have a small investment project? Today Xiaobian for you to recommend a few small and beautiful entrepreneurial projects.

the racecourse area of about ten or twenty acres, with near must work, and converted into offices and stables, not too demanding for horse breed, spend 2000-3000 yuan can buy a horse race, small enough for general use.

in addition, you have with Mahler, saddle and ride. A couple of items, a total of 20 thousand yuan is not, of which about 10 thousand yuan for the purchase of horses, 3000-4000 yuan to buy a thousand dollars plus freight, you can buy 4-5 horse and ship them back to the south.

in horses at the same time, you should also be in the local looking for a horse trainer, in a horse you can ask him to help pick a horse, horse in order to ensure the quality, and then hired him to your farm work, take care of the horses for compensation. As for the usual horse feed, you don’t need to worry about, in south rice straw, corn, alfalfa, plus some legume, carrot, bran, grass, would be enough to keep the horse fat body health.

happy charges may be set in each run 1 ring 5 yuan, 8 yuan holidays, students appropriate preferential. This price can not only guarantee the benefits, but also has strong competitiveness. In addition to the race, you can also engage in activities such as horse riding, horse riding photography and other special events. According to preliminary estimates, do a small racecourse, 1 years to recover the investment, the beginning of the year will be tens of thousands of net income of second yuan.

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