How much is the rent for a convenience store

now has a lot of entrepreneurs to open a convenience store, and cost of concrete is not very understanding, here, today Xiaobian to open a convenience store, for example, introduce the store opened in a very cost share — rent costs


area according to the circumstances, and by bargaining. Currently, most of the facade houses are private property. Usually the practice of signing a contract for a year. This is not the case, and sometimes you find temporary consultations rent. Of course, can also be understood, especially in villages and other areas, is the owner of local farmers, they have no land, no other source of income, so it can increase the rent, thus prepared.

with the increase of the real estate, rents are rising constantly, sometimes 100 square meters of the house for a year rose 2-3 million is a very common thing. And regardless of whether the guarantee not to lose money, decoration have the feeling to consider. If you spend three hundred million and fifty thousand renovation this year, next year rent up, you may not be able to go on, increase your exit costs, it is recommended to consider clearly. If you have not done, it is recommended not to go too commercial lot to do, high input and high output, we do not have that experience.

so, the best time to talk about five years, the annual rent or rent for half a year. Because, if one day the government a plan, your shop demolition, and pay the rent, the landlord is generally difficult to return to you. Recommended one hundred square meters of rent a year better not more than 100 thousand. Otherwise, for new line of people, the risk is greater.

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