How to find the money to join the apparel industry

garment industry has broad market prospects and opportunities, a market is the most promising many franchisees, opened a clothing store to get more funding, is the first step in your business, we look together below.


general store cost involved includes three parts: one is the investment in infrastructure, including shop decoration costs and the purchase of necessary hardware facilities such as water and electricity infrastructure, air conditioning, shelves, cash registers and signs and other expenses; two is the daily management costs, including labor costs, shop rent, management fees and daily promotion cost; three is the cost of goods.

then in order to ensure that the funds, shop operators should be how to raise money? The main financing channels in the following ways.

personal financing do not blindly pursue scale if individuals have strong financial resources, so an individual can invest to open a clothing store.

The advantages of

drawback is not easy to raise enough money, no one to share the investment risk, once the business failure will cause huge losses to individuals. Therefore, if you take personal investment, best not to put all the money accumulated by individuals are involved, but also not in the original shop when the blind pursuit of scale, so as to avoid excessive investment, business is bad, so that the capital chain fracture situation.

the entry of the business, should be based on the operating characteristics and personal clothing brand management ability, choose a relatively small shop business. This can slowly adapt to the market, the accumulation of funds, more importantly, you can gradually explore and accumulate experience in the shop, for the future development of funds, personnel, experience, etc..

there is enough money, you can bring more entrepreneurial path to better protect the market, Unlimited Business Opportunities.

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