East City Entrepreneurial tide to promote economic development 2015

innovation policy plays an important role in the development of entrepreneurial projects, in socialist China’s popular China, entrepreneurship has just started, need to have the right direction to ensure the growth of enterprises to meet the needs of society.

The effectiveness of

the financial support of the public business, the innovation has been significantly improved. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 10, the banking agencies issued a total of "double" loans of nearly 890 million yuan. Among them, the Agricultural Bank of China to support employment and entrepreneurship and economic Hand-Pulled Noodle loans have 979 households, the total credit amount of 200 million yuan, has issued 100 million yuan; small and medium-sized financial institutions issuing micro credit loans to farmers to support the "double" balance of 340 million yuan, an increase of 22 million 890 thousand yuan. The city’s various institutions to use Small and micro businesses to support the "double" platform loan balance of 2 billion yuan, an increase of 59 million 190 thousand yuan, the loan support effect is obviously improved.

Haidong City achievement is the epitome of China regional entrepreneurial accomplishments, creative and entrepreneurial activity has brought the economic development vitality, there are also many unstable factors. Entrepreneurs need to improve their own quality, grasp the market situation, solve the problem of entrepreneurship, to achieve career goals.

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