nternet era is the era of women entrepreneurs

one of the biggest problems encountered by female entrepreneurs is the lack of necessary business connections. However, with the rapid development of the Internet era, this problem has been resolved, women can communicate with more customers through the network, open a new era of women entrepreneurs.

in a classroom of Zhejiang Vocational College of Commerce, on Junior Fan Xiaojing carefully listen to the teacher. But when she finished the morning class, she immediately changed roles and hurried back to her company to start the day’s work. Fan Xiaojing’s company was established in September last year, the main wholesale scarves wholesale. The company is located in Hangzhou’s eastern China a rich city, there already enjoy "silk" reputation. Back in BC 200 years, from Hangzhou silk has passed the famous "Silk Road" sold overseas business. In recent years, "Internet + traditional industries" model showed strong vitality and vigor in the Chinese, Hangzhou is not just in the eyes of the Chinese tourist paradise, but has become the Internet entrepreneur’s paradise. Overnight, the emergence of a large and small incubator in Hangzhou, a variety of public space, all around the Internet + entrepreneurship and the birth of. And Fan Xiaojing’s company is one of them, now in the Shenzhen side of the customer exchanges, he needs to set our winter flagship cashmere scarf some of the styles, need to negotiate with us here."

the hard work finally let grandma fell ill, which was still in junior high school between Fan Xiaojing grow up a lot, she wants to through their own efforts to reduce the burden of her business to make money. From high school, Fan Xiaojing tried to wholesale candy in the school retail. After entering the University, Fan Xiaojing’s entrepreneurial passion more high, she recommended after the stream of people the most intensive in school

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