Dry cleaning industry investment prospects

rapid development of the dry cleaning industry, increasing the number of dry cleaners, in order to meet people’s needs, many franchisees have joined the ranks of entrepreneurship. If you want to know if there is no prospect of the development of investment in the industry, small compiled a number of feasible analysis, interested can look at, I hope you can find a suitable investment direction.

dry cleaning franchise with the progress of society, gradually into people’s lives, because of the development of the society in recent years, people’s pursuit of life quality more, so this new type of dry cleaning industry also gradually being favored by people. People’s basic necessities of life are enriched by many exquisite lot. To wear, for example, today we have a great change in the material of clothing. Thus, a variety of dry cleaners came into being.

to join a dry cleaning shop is actually very simple. Industry experience and technical requirements are relatively low, almost everyone can do, and the risk is low, the so-called threshold is not high, the largest expenditure should be the store rent. The dry cleaners do not need business district or gold lots, cell door can be. So, it’s still in control.

from the dry cleaners’ profits. The laundry dry cleaning on the market price is generally 15 yuan / piece, and cost? According to a well-known dry cleaners daily expenditure report, the cost of washing clothes can be divided into utilities, cleaning supplies and other fees, a total of about 2.4 yuan. In other words, a laundry, dry cleaners can earn 12.6 yuan profit. And this is the price of an ordinary piece of clothing. Is it hard to seduce you?

washing and eat and sleep as are the essential elements of life, and with the pace of life stress, work pressure increasing, especially among young people, isn’t willing to waste the spare time in the laundry rare trifles above, at the same time, the relatively high-grade suit must be minimum of damage at the dry cleaners to wash these are directly resulted in the increase, join the dry cleaners, provides a guarantee for entrepreneurial projects to join the dry cleaners.

dry cleaning industry has attracted the attention of the prospects for the development of the franchisee, the industry has great potential for investment, development potential, good prospects, large profits, operators will not easily miss. If you want to do worry investment business, then choose the brand to be sure, hurry to cooperate with us, do not miss a good opportunity.

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