Construction of the public space for everyone

The establishment of

public record space, not only bring a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, entrepreneur constructed for everyone Jinlian "public record space", here good entrepreneurial projects, can obtain very high wind, a superior platform is entrepreneurs choice.

into Jinlian entrepreneur, will first be covered according to the sun, warm, feel particularly comfortable. Looking around, open office space, full of 80, 90 young face, they focus and energy, but also from time to time to exchange information with each other.

and oledo language shopping platform, interactive travel platform of female college students…… Zhao Chunming introduction, in 2016, we are doing online O2O, for the production of the project Park library, talent pool, technical library, expert library, the formation of a system to promote seamless docking.

Jinlian entrepreneur file: located in Shenyang National University of science and technology city core area, by Jinlian Jian

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