Yang exhaust self service barbecue join need how many money

now people love to say what type of restaurant, barbecue in this unique restaurant brand is very popular, barbecue food because of its natural simple approach, one of the original wild taste has become more and more people love food. About a few friends sitting in that cold fresh beer roast while eating, drinking and chatting, has become more fashionable leisure pastime. Yang exhaust barbecue buffet barbecue incense overflowing to join with the "sizzling" barbecue is a sound, unable to hide greeds reason enough to make every eater himself. This delicious delicacy avant-garde, join Yang exhaust barbecue buffet, will give you an unexpected surprise!

Yang exhaust self-service barbecue franchise need how many money?

Yang exhaust and Chinese Korean barbecue barbecue buffet with northeast barbecued, business fashion novel "charcoal barbecue", very fragrant, crisp and tender meat, by diners alike. The raw material selection, marinated with secret sauce, begin by diners a unique flavor, taste barbecue, again and again, highlighting the new trend of green, nutrition, health, diet benefits ", warm and comfortable dining environment, enthusiasm and meticulous service attitude to meet the consumers’ health stomach. So Yang exhaust barbecue buffet jiamengfei

how much money?

franchise fee:

venture shop: 20 thousand

standard store: 50 thousand

image store: 80 thousand

flagship store: 150 thousand

Yang exhaust barbecue buffet selection of fine ingredients, elaborate collocation, focus on the beautiful shape and delicious at the same time, and a variety of techniques, taking into account the dietary nutrients intake ratio, special patent fish dish, a fish to eat two, sixteen flavors of any combination, to meet different consumers on the pursuit of taste and nutrition.

Yang exhaust barbecue buffet barbecue, join a few hundred meters, firing can smell the tantalizing aroma, diners have stopped to watch, and with sweet smelling, drunk, people fight fragrant taste, everywhere there buying the unpopular scene onlookers.

the above is the simple introduction to join Yang exhaust barbecue buffet fee, if you are on the barbecue to join the brand of interest, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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