What are the hot fruit shop training content

food and beverage industry in the project so that you can not imagine, do not say here in the dishes, it is only a variety of drinks, such as beverages, milk, tea, coffee and other beverages. So many kinds of drinks, they want to shop to choose what is better? The development of the economy makes people pay more attention to the health, and the fruit can supplement the human body needs the vitamin, causes the people to be more healthy, therefore the fruit drinks shop rapidly in the market is hot, each kind of fresh squeezed fruit juice is welcome. Fruit juice shop training is to become a very popular training programs, many want to know, then what is the content of fruit juice shop training, below to give you a brief introduction.

so what’s the hot spot of the fruit shop?

training content has the following:

1, fruit juice series

learning: mango juice, melon juice, watermelon juice, apple juice, pear juice, papaya juice, pitaya juice, tomato juice, lemon juice, kiwi juice.

2, milk tea series

learning: the flavor of tea, pearl milk tea, milk tea, milk tea, red bean burn burn red tea, mango, banana, peach tea tea tea, lemon tea, vanilla tea, milk tea, coconut milk tea, orange tea, blueberry tea.

3, Smoothie series

learning: Smoothie, strawberry, banana, mango, watermelon Smoothie Smoothie Smoothie, Hami Smoothie, papaya Smoothie, lemon Smoothie, blueberry ice, orange ice.


series of milkshake

learning: Mango milkshake, banana milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, lemon, watermelon, peach smoothie milkshake milkshake, papaya milkshakes, blueberry milkshake and orange milkshake.

5, black tea series

learning: lemon tea, ice tea, black tea, black tea.


series of burn

study: red bean Coconut Juice burn, burn, burn, red bean and peanut milk burn.

7, double skin milk series

study: red bean double skin milk, mango double skin milk, strawberry double skin milk.

these are the more popular items on the market, these training allows you to easily learn to produce delicious fruit juice, open a hot fruit >

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