Retail services should be people oriented

if you want to do a good job in retail business, we should follow what kind of principle? Should pay attention to what? In fact, the shop to engage in business, if you want to survive, develop, rely on the two sides trust, rely on the human touch, in order to maintain the retail store. If you want to do this, it depends on the customer as God, people-oriented, customer oriented thinking, good service to every customer, in order to be effective.

in the national business era, every corner of the city’s retail stores throughout the country, to hold the old customers, attract new customers, you only from the service, from the little things, depending on the customer evaluation for you to take a space for one person. In other words, if we want to do a good job, service, people-oriented warmth will take the convenience of the road.

for those rural retail stores or convenience stores, sometimes, some customers to take care of your business, the figure is not all the way to walk for a few minutes to buy bags of pepper, monosodium glutamate, and the figure is that some convenience supermarkets are not, plus acquaintances weekdays often walk, also wearing a special human, the human, it depends on your usual offers some intimate services to complete.

in terms of service, presumably everyone has to be forced to instill information in the supermarket when the shop was forced to feel. However, the reality is that the product sales promotion is much higher than the product does not promote. So, the recommended promotional merchandise to customers in the use of promotional methods, is only a short-term behavior, and this behavior, so that customers can never become your loyal old customers, customers want to think of you, only from service efforts.

a few days ago, I interviewed a man named Zheng Anping retail customers, his shop is located in the middle of a circular area, near the main road cross district, shop shop in front of a few tall pine tree in front of the door, open terrain, sunshine and floor, is surrounded by tall buildings, but here. A good place to cool in summer and warm in winter.

The author interviewed

passed, all the way to see the shop stood, sitting with a group of people, very lively. A closer look, a table playing mahjong, a table is in full swing "landlords", there is a table in chess, each table in front of all the people in the crowd by twos and threes, several old people sit together to chat, keguazi corner.

at this time, a young man playing yo drinking called the boss with two packs of cigarettes, cigarette in the boss of Kung Fu, and here two elderly leisure for the children to buy a few packs of snacks. According to Zheng Zheng shop owner said, in order to keep the pedestrians, to achieve sales, he intends to become a place of entertainment entertainment venues, to provide convenience for pedestrians and residents. But people also love here Xiejiao chat way to buy something.

there’s not much money in the retail business

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