Open hand leather shop operators to obtain recognition

is only if the leather products, which in the current society is not what strange, many people are all leather fans, however, this small series is the handmade leather goods store that business, undoubtedly faced a shrinking market. But as long as the business get, intentions to operate, I believe it is not difficult to obtain recognition.

as early as in the primitive society, the beast skin became human "clothing". For thousands of years, humans have been constantly changing the pattern of animal fur, clothing, shoes, leather bags, household goods and other fields can be seen leather products. This one, can be simple as Shaanxi rural sheepskin, only to the original function of clothing — can also be elegant and warm; like Louis Weedon, standing on the top of the pop can; more distinctive as nowadays some handmade leather goods store, become fashion offbeat.

in various cities, handmade leather has its fashion personality has a lot of fans. Today, let us to Hangzhou a "hebalheaven" to see.

At first glance the

name, you knew it must be with the relevant goods sold herbivores. One into the store, indeed, in those rough logs on the shelf, put most of the goods are made of thick leather hand. In the dim light, each piece of product in bronze color, showing the vicissitudes of history. From the backpack, bag, purse, briefcase, leather shoes this object to the clock, wallet, name card holder, mobile phone sets, pen bag, glasses bag, lighters, mirror, key ring, necklace…… These small objects, it is a superb collection of beautiful things, only you can not think, can not do without it.

used to see the city stereotyped bag, no matter what it is, they can not get rid of the fact that they are out of the factory line. In the post industrial era today, the product must be handmade. It is precisely because they are handmade, but also because they are flawed, they look different.

first manual leather

boss surnamed Sheng, mention the idea of opening such a shop, or in 2001, he was the first time in Shenzhen to see the handmade leather goods store. Everything is so common, the only thing is not the store those cattle purses. Mr. students described at that time the feeling is two words shock, a whole piece of leather, simple manual sewing, actually have such a shock effect.

came back from Shenzhen after those few days, his mind constantly thinking of those who let him "shock" leather, after a period of time, he spent a few days in Hangzhou to do the market survey, Hangzhou had no similar handmade leather products shop. In 2002 he made a decision to resign from the original unit, opened in Hangzhou, "hebalheaven".

After making this decision,

is looking for a store, Mr.

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