Underwear store marketing winning several magic weapon

now the underwear market in the overall profitability of the space is very large, at the same time, the market also appeared in a number of different brands of underwear, but you know what? In fact, the operation of the lingerie store is a few tricks?

key second views: Winning


"channels and terminal", this view was more popular techniques of daily products recognized by the industry, especially the sales background leaders praised it, and a lot of "marketing expert" also published the views of the long-drawn and tedious documents are introduced, all of a sudden, the people will talk about talk about marketing channels, looking for a small bookstall, any one sitting a few times the car, heard several class people in the dissemination of a thought: the channel is king, terminal is king, as if everyone suddenly understand everything, the original marketing is that the channel is king;

key third Views: brand

marketing winning "brand", "brand", as long as there is nothing. Here, in particular, those who hold this view, there is a large part of understanding of the brand is well-known, this view holders generally do plane, designers turned more interested in basically the CI system for import (actually a: VI specification), in the actual economic life, we must remember the big CCTV’s failure is the view of the standard and verification of the approver, now, the brains of entrepreneurs play this slightly less, but in 2005, the famous marketing experts in several commercials, often for others to engage in public relations events planning, it shows the view of vitality is very strong

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