Heze City Zhen County to build workshop to help people out of poverty alleviation

in Shandong Heze Zhen City County, in order to let people can get more income, help people pick up the hat of poverty, poverty belongs to their government to build the workshop, through the establishment of "poverty alleviation workshop", successfully explored a new way to help poor people out of poverty, employment at home.

in the workshop of Juancheng county poverty alleviation employment Lou Zhen Peng Lou Cun Peng, 48 year old Guo Fengyun is familiar with the operation of hand sewing machine. Piecework, flexible working hours, close to home, without delay to take care of paralyzed in bed mother, which makes guodajie here work very at ease.

Guo Fengyun: (is) button one thousand a month Duoliangqian, also take care (home) are close to home, very convenient, very good to earn pocket money.

Juancheng county poverty alleviation cadres at the research found that about 65% of the population have a certain ability to work, but most have no culture, no technology, can not find a job; some of the older, or physical disability, there are old, under a small, not convenient for migrant workers, and an accidental discovery, has made this a series of problems can be solved.

Dong Juancheng County town Party Secretary Li Yuru: in 2015 November, when we visited the poor households, five or six small shack was found in the generation of Tang Village, the small shack (each) there are seven or eight old lady sitting in one piece, in finishing hair, still in the middle of the stove, listening to the radio, laughing and talking. Also, very lively.

inspired by the Juancheng county to encourage qualified enterprises to use village primary school site, the village collective activities site and idle houses, in the village in the setting of employment poverty point, so that poor people to the nearest employment. Within a month, it attracted a large number of villagers.

After the success of the

pilot, Juancheng County in each administrative village of new or modified 1 square meters around the poverty alleviation workshop, some of the labor skills requirements of the production link is not transferred to the village of 300. Clear requirements of the poverty alleviation workshop, the proportion of the employment of poor people is not less than 30%, and in the use of electricity, rent to give a certain number of poor people in the resettlement of more enterprises. Work to the door, so many helpless people go home for employment.

Zhang Xixi: the villagers house inside this factory, but also to take care of the children, wages are about the same and the outside, in order to facilitate their learning, and then at home to do.

has a poverty alleviation workshop, will allow more people to feel the warmth of the government of Heze, to help people better employment, but also closer to their families. A total of 1803 poverty alleviation workshop to attract 383 companies settled, direct placement and drive about 190 thousand rural people at home employment, more than 57000 people out of poverty.

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