Entrepreneurs how to make their products quickly into the market


products can quickly enter the market, people can feel that the product is a good product, if the product can not quickly enter the market, on the one hand is the product is really poor, one hand is slow and the product was nipped in the bud, so how to make the product quickly into the market?

said first two extreme. The "integrity" of the first entrepreneurs may have two kinds of obsessive symptoms: close to critical customer in (not willing to become friends and relatives around the customer), economic (independent of not willing to accept the family money). If Everything is going smoothly. nature is best, but if it crashed, this is the "disease", cure. The problem is that you don’t have enough confidence in what you’re doing.

the two extreme "disease", to take people around the surgery, direct only do business acquaintances society is a negative.

In fact, as long as the

There are two kinds of

with the use of personal resources, resources are bad, and the use of the CRM system is the best policy.

Second: channel cut in method

Mengniu almost overnight Hongbian on both sides of the Changjiang River, rocket speed thanks to the founding team of available channel capacity. Why is Wang Laoji so that JDB accounted for the initiative, mainly because the cooperation channel is hung in, he is now very slow development of gphl channels.

the blade becomes thinner and more sharp tip, the finer the effort. Because people have greed, so do the subtraction is the eternal topic.

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