China Optics Valley 3551 youth entrepreneurship Contest Finals held in Wuhan

entrepreneurship competition in the community gradually expand the influence, the whole society has begun to pay attention to innovation and entrepreneurship, a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere to the public entrepreneurs more adequate entrepreneurial confidence.

1 on the afternoon of 20 May, Wuhan City partner program · China Optics Valley youth entrepreneurship Contest Finals held in han. More than and 500 projects at home and abroad, which lasted more than two months of competition, and ultimately have to enter the finals of the 9. The entrepreneurship competition at home and abroad to expand the influence of gathering talents, this is also a beneficial attempt in Optics Valley.

9 project

finalist in both online education programs by Cambridge senior educators joint venture to build the Twosigmas, there are also business service cloud project WPS former chief architect, Kingsoft disk founder Yang Gang Ke Yunhua and so on in self employment. Finally, based on the square dance square dance teaching video, music, and dance team social interaction the most down to earth: "dance APP" national champions square.

the contest sponsored by the Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone, Wuhan Optics Valley Nationwide Financial Services Inc. The organizers also introduced the contest for the world’s aspiring young entrepreneurs to provide a platform for the display, but also to become a global promotion of Wuhan City partner program, 3551 Optics Valley talent program, an important channel. The entrepreneurial Competition Registration project, there are 39 projects have intentions to Optics Valley landing.

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