6 reasons for the failure of entrepreneurial orientation

venture is a risky investment, many entrepreneurs in the process of entrepreneurship is not smooth sailing, always have to go through a lot of twists and turns is likely to succeed. But there are also likely to fail, the whole network Xiaobian today to talk about 6 reasons for business failure is what.

1, no advance detailed market survey, just hearsay a good industry to make money on the line, to invest in.

Usually commissioned market research company specialized special investigation

2, greedy big business innovation, great ambition, and is not small, but often more than their ability to bear the economic.

3, not the most familiar, most business started from their own expertise.

often hear what money is what shop, do what business, business in depth to a certain extent, just to find out our own experience, knowledge, ability and interpersonal relationship with the business does not match or even too far, resulting in the loss of competitive ability.

4, the price war.

Chinese bargaining has now become a life habit, and the industry’s circle of irrational price competition has been staged, the result is either to guarantee profits or cut corners, but only to ensure the quality of profit or even a loss, such as puerile business strategy, it will have to be cheap goods business.

5, lack of management and the concept of autonomy according to law.

6, thinking is restricted, not long-term, always want to make quick money, looking for fast track projects.

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