How to start the initial financing

entrepreneurs need a certain amount of capital base, this brings many problems are entrepreneurs, how to start early in order to get more financing, venture capital, to get the money out of a full repayment of a close call! In order to avoid this in vain to the bank employees fate, so entrepreneurs must consider the cost very careful in reckoning in the beginning, then grasp the number of money saving tips is essential.

startup to calculate


startup what you need to spend money, so no matter how small the cost, as long as the province’s! For example, the transfer fee is completely avoidable costs. Relative to the large state-owned banks, joint-stock commercial banks relatively large concessions. Huaxia Bank is 0.3%, Bank of communications for the Bank of China Everbright Bank Discount intensity of more than 0.2%, the amount of interbank transfer by the amount of money charged by the counter, for the counter of seventy percent off of the amount of $0.15%. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank city of our remittance for free; city interbank remittance fee of a minimum of 2 yuan, the highest 10 yuan cap, the use of remote banking Pudong Development Bank remittance fees are high, the highest 30 yuan, the VIP customers can enjoy the discount on the basis of.

also you can also make full use of the mobile phone just now are bank transfer! Because it is new, so many banks have implemented preferential policies in this area. At present, the Construction Bank mobile banking interbank transfer fee of 0.15% of the transaction amount, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the transaction amount of 0.2%, China Everbright Bank is 0.1%. But until March 31st, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank even played using a mobile phone bank transfer fee waiver discount card. That is to say, if the transfer of 100 thousand yuan, the use of mobile phone bank Shanghai Pudong Development Bank suddenly can save 100 yuan fee.

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