How to do business for marketing occasion

in our business process, there is actually a lot of skills can be learned, and there are more and more marketing strategy, the occasion will be a very important means. Taijiquan is the usual tactic called "42 pounds", not to force a win, Killing with Kindness, Bishijiuxu; Taijiquan is such a martial art to borrow each other powers to play their own advantages, a technical content inside this is "one word article". For our business, the problem is that we have no occasion to marketing around the scene, how to face?

in my business for 20 years, taking advantage of the marketing is a trend in the business, a movie, a villager, weddings and funerals, suddenly the door troops near these short-term training, gathering popularity, business on an unprecedented increase. In general, the store unknowingly with another scene of speculation, to enhance their profits.

There are two possible

potentials, one of which is predictable and the other is accidental. If it is unpredictable, of course, to be prepared in advance; such as happy, birthday, the shop is a pressing matter of the moment, this is the practice of making this will be able to see your enthusiasm in strategy, and as usual, it can be really a lost opportunity, let’s get the ducks fly.

, for example, are married in the village, you’re not going to a box of fruit biscuits, that you can only look at the customer. With the potential you do not use, is a big mistake shop. An occasion, is to seize the opportunity, not to blossomless spatial booklet; a hot effect, can make money, leveraging the power of the first fire to speak.

said that although the occasion may have on our business development is of great help, however, even if the "borrowed" also need to pay attention to skills. After all, taking advantage of the marketing is not arbitrary, imported is used to store marketing ideas for their own; if beyond the moral bottom line, subject to legal sanctions, it would be counterproductive. At the same time, occasion marketing must not be and don’t shop with a countermeasure, anti injury and win-win is two. For retail stores, the only chickens to lay eggs, borrowed donkey grind……".

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