return to the road of summer autumn to sell T stock

garment industry competition, VANCL has started the brand, is now beginning to return, also adopted a different marketing strategy, and strive to catch the eye, so in the end of this strategy is successful or not?

open where the old boss of micro-blog, you will find the recent ten contents are on the September 7th special panic buying activities. On this day we will last official website 99 yuan 39 yuan wash and wear shirts, knitted trousers, women lost 29 yuan in T printing products etc..

The old don’t mind

have feelings, but the total reflection is enough? I think we need to solve the problem is not so simple.

1. Hunger marketing doesn’t work: summer is out of stock, autumn sells T-shirts?

in the old micro-blog often can see the product to postpone the listing of the news.

2. After the wind up to the club, logistics issues outstanding

wind up where the customer is a hand built up courier company, has been called the "vintage where the customer’s" one of the most important assets, as the earliest e-commerce distribution business of the express company, its customer service is not limited to, including millet, China Merchants Bank, China Mobile, excellent shopping network etc.. Recommended

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