2015 annual report published in public opinion into the annual hot words

education is an important branch of people’s livelihood, the government and the public opinion is very concerned about it. In the aspect of higher education in 2015, entrepreneurship has become a focus and hot spot, leading to the reform and transformation of employment education in Colleges and universities.

"2015 year education public opinion report" recently released in beijing. Report inventory of hot issues in the field of education, entrepreneurship, college entrance examination, teachers into the annual hot words.

: entrance examination focused on the front entrance, become public opinion high sensitive source, accounting for 13.6%. 66 universities in Jiangxi, Nanchang entrance teicoplanin fraud case, dished out the olive branch, special plan, National People’s Congress back to Peking University Tsinghua University Students wars door, unified college entrance proposition are subject to different degrees of attention to rural students.

class of anti-corruption — with the deepening corruption, corruption in universities also repeatedly exposed, academic plagiarism, research funding corruption, Official business expenses has become the focus of public opinion. Communication University of China senior collapse and Soochow University Professor issued an open letter to the president was widely concerned.

– student performance because of student behavior caused the education of public opinion events have occurred, such as the National People’s Congress on WeChat circle of friends at Professor, tutor sent an open letter to sever the relationship between teachers and students; "most" popular network; spring primary teacher umbrella etc.. Among them, the complicated relationship between teachers and students, the diversification of students’ behavior and social reflection.

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