Shop to do business to get rid of their bad habits

many people have long been inadvertently formed some bad habits, you don’t feel what, but for consumers is not used, which affects the development of shop business. In a word, the shop to do business, as the owner, we must pay attention to your behavior, don’t think of where regardless of the consequence does not take into account other people’s feelings will give to say.

sometimes, we inadvertently say a joke, may offend the customer. Playing the game of his desire of customers into the store, and even sometimes, too lazy, work clothes, shoes, gloves, hats and not timely replacement, look dirty. Perhaps because of these small details will lose the source.

and us. When unlucky not properly handled, such as "250" such numbers, and some customers do not listen to the words of love, our boss once said export customer is "taboo", sometimes very embarrassing. Pro, as the owner, you have these bad habits? Come and join us today!

Shandong Weifang cigarette retail households Jiang boss

since I bought a computer in the store, I was hooked on playing games. The store as long as no customers, I began to play diminshing music games, customer into the store was hurriedly stopped to greet the customer.

in the management, strict demands on themselves, but with the passage of time, I played a big game, sometimes, the customer into the store to play the game simply did not respond to customer, customers can also meet vixenish, if encountered acute customers will go away. Once a customer into the store to buy cigarettes, cried a few times, I just concentrate on the landlords, did not hear, so the customer raised his voice "boss, you do not sell things!" This I heard hurriedly stood up immediately. The customer is not happy, but also can not immediately leave, finally gave me the face to buy a pack of Taishan (Hong Xibao).

another time, old rain, no store business, so I started to play a game, a female customer to the store to buy dad a kind of retail 11 yuan a pack of Taishan (grand), asked: "sister, Taishan (grand) give me one!" I should have spoken, but I didn’t move my ass on the stool.

customers see my heart is too special, no longer asked, turned and left my shop, and so I turned off the game page customers have already gone to another store. I regret, blame yourself, just because they neglect the customer. Since then, I do not play the game without landlords, there is no passenger passengers guarding the shop, seriously good service into the store every "God", the business also has been improved.

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