Mount Huangshan Girl online zero investment venture a year net profit of about 500000

You can call up, every night will say good night to you, listen to the life of complaints and work in trouble

every morning to give cheer encouragement. If there is such a thoughtful girlfriend, is not very enviable? Even more interesting is that she can even instruct how Indoorsman Paoniu, help the lovelorn soon find a dream in the other half".

1, cheerful girl, turned lover can not touch

28 year old Zhang Wei is a lively and cheerful girl in Anhui, Mount Huangshan. After graduating from college in 2012, she had to learn the art professional, by virtue of self-learning computer technology, applied to a IT website editor. Later resigned as a freelance illustrator, there is a lot of time to dominate. How to pass these "boring time" and can earn more money?

soon, Zhang Wei saw a news from the Internet: Beijing girl Chen Xiao in the Taobao open to sell the remaining life of their "". As long as users can buy the price to her, let her for his wedding, coffee, buy train tickets, accompanied by hospital transfusion. Zhang’s eyes are not a sudden bright.

2013 at the beginning of September, online there is such a very offbeat advertising: if there is such a female friend, the morning can give you a "moriningcall" before going to bed, say goodnight to you; will give you the warmth of not less than 10 messages every day; when you’re depressed, but also willing to become your listener, enlighten you. Are you satisfied? Tell you a good thing: such a standard good girlfriend, you only need to spend 20 yuan to buy on Taobao. But it should be emphasized that she can only exist on the other side of your phone, and you can not meet in reality; and the price of 20 yuan, only to buy her day of service. Service for SMS, WeChat, unfamiliar street, can also download other software on demand.

actually this idea could earn money at that time, Zhang Wei mind a bit at the end No. But soon, the first "Explorer" appeared.

Zhang Wei in WeChat chat with him that the other is Guangzhou a foreign company, the customer complained that the boss is simply a "Zhou Bapi", usually give him the sales task is very heavy does not say, even if their illness can never ask. Wandering in a foreign land, he felt like a motherless child. The girl patiently listened to his talk, when not to give comfort and encouragement, sure enough, chat after the customer said his mood is a kind of feeling of click into place. The customer was initially only in Taobao bought 3 days of service, then simply a monthly.

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