Why the fast food market is more popular

lunch time, where would you like to go? For many white-collar workers, I am afraid that many foreign fast food brands will be more choice. So, why in China’s lunch market, Chinese fast food but can’t spell foreign fast food? Let Xiaobian for everyone to analyze.

…… Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s and other western style fast food have launched a special lunch activities, such as Monday to Friday 11:00 – 14:00 KFC launched 15 yuan from the luxury lunch, known as the luxury to let you eat less.

the price war is not "peibenzhuanyaohe"? Industry experts pointed out that the special offer lunch in the market, the western fast food restaurant not only earn less, but profits will double, and the restaurant is likely to become "peibenzhuanyaohe"!

grab lunch market background

now people are increasingly willing to solve problems for lunch in the restaurant, is sanitary and convenient; the two is the 35 colleagues for dinner, the price is not much more expensive than outside the box; three is also closer to the feelings between colleagues. In many industry also saw an opportunity, in order to attract the majority of the population, have taken the strategy of small profits.

restaurant is congenitally deficient, difficult to grab lunch special offer market

although the market is big, but the restaurant in the competition is in the defeat of the embarrassing situation. In this regard, Li Chunxiang, vice president of Liaoning cuisine cooking industry association, said one of the Mysteries:

first, there is no fixed collocation, Tastes differ all tastes. In restaurants, fast food is advantage compared with the rich variety of dishes, but this advantage to the special offer lunch market becomes inferior, because of variety, there is no fixed collocation of the package, and everyone is not the same, it is difficult to achieve the satisfactory. If only a fixed number of fixed packages, due to the lack of market support (not like a fast food restaurant has a set of standards), it is difficult to succeed in a short time.

second, the production of complex, no time advantage. Fast food is characterized by fast, most of the minutes will be able to put the customer’s meal table, and if the Chinese food to meet customer needs, at least more than and 20 minutes. And because the vast majority of diners are in the vicinity of the restaurant to work in the office workers, noon break time is only 1-2 hours, is unlikely to be willing to wait for nearly half an hour to eat Chinese food.

third, high labor costs. Because fast-food restaurants have a relatively complete set of processes, and basically do not need to be a chef, so low labor cost, labor cost and Chinese restaurant is very high, especially the chef cost. Recommended

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