Taiwanese money Wang Pingtan venture to obtain approval

Taiwan as part of China, has always been a dream of countless diners, because there are countless delicious. With the increasing communication between the two sides, entrepreneurs began to cross the strait. In this paper, the hero of the money again from Taiwan to Pingtan entrepreneurship, and also received a high degree of recognition of the local people.

first came to Pingtan, just look on several times, travel to relax, the island is little-known; ten years later, once again came to Pingtan, has been stationed in a firm, here in the family, friends in." For Taiwanese money to Wang, he is regarded as a Taiwanese, and is regarded as a Pingtan person, can cook a delicious Taiwan dishes, but also can say a few words on the order of Pingtan dialect.



and his wife back to LAN venture

10:30 yesterday, the reporter walked into a "Taiwan Fu Sheng Road charge, the duck with noodles" is a small Taiwanese money Wang and his wife Lin Lianyu open, specializing in Taiwan cuisine. Lin Lin is carrying fresh ingredients from the market just to buy back, ready to prepare for the lunch business, money and then rushed forward to take his wife’s hand.

know about "Pingtan", the money to Wang smiled and said, this is my wife for matchmaking. It turned out that the money is prosperous Wang’s wife is a local girl in Pingtan, early to work in Taiwan, and in Taiwan to know the money and then Wang, the couple will marry and have children in Taiwan. More than and 10 years of life in Taiwan, Lin Lianyu often worried about their loved ones at home. May 2014, the couple decided to venture back to Pingtan.

"I thought Pingtan would still take a ferry to arrive, didn’t think of this a few years, the bridge has been built." Qian Wang said that the city’s infrastructure to improve a lot, the feeling came to a new place. This is not the money to Wang Pingtan for the first time, as early as 2005, Wang had money to meet Pingtan, although in Pingtan do not know much, but the ferry gave him a deep impression, but everything is not the same.

"because the wife is from Pingtan, when I was in Taiwan, I heard the opening up and development of Pingtan news, but the sight of Pingtan, still need to be more attractive than ‘Legend’, it seems, is to follow his wife back to Pingtan." Qian Wang said, "we rely on the experience of setting up shop in Taiwan, where we have opened their own shop."

detailed service

polite ingredients in the positive

boss, Rice with Stewed Pork package 4, for a while to take." "Old money, two duck with noodles, to the crest Road near the bus station." Money to Wang this shop just opened nearly a year, but business is recommended

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