A webmaster do stand years of wind and rain and obstacles

since 04 years after contact with the network, I have a curious feeling of the network, when network is not like now so popular, the beginning is a very common office software Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel and so on, until 05 years before contact with websites such as Dreamweaver construction tools, the when I met online a brother, also brought me into the network, here I sincerely thank him, I won’t say his name, he was now a webmaster very NB person, he also let me know some knowledge on the network, for example, domain name registration, website optimization the server, network editor, what, very thank you again.


06 years to a computer school in our city school for 1 years, where what has not learned, white wasted a year of school, also waste a lot of money, 07 years after graduation I went to a IDC room in Anhui, that my brother was in place, the first half of the year, also good there, know some basic, it is officially contact website, update the site every day what, there are slowly learned to do station foundation, download a free QQ program from the Internet, for 1 years, the effect is very good, for 2 months with 2-3 100 IP. Finally, be Baidu pull hair, leaving dozens of IP, I do not stop, was very confused, very lost, every day a large number of updates or not, then I would go back to our city, he set up a studio at 7-8, is all my Friends, started well, but after a 7-8 months are a lot of factors, our team disbanded, then I went to a shoe factory in Guangdong to Dongguan to work, work 3 months lost 10 pounds, that there is not suitable for me, and finally got to home, my heart the sad I think everyone can think of yourself every day, learning to understand some at home, then rent a space, do 2-3 QQ station, but fortunately, every day there are some IP, but just enough to pay the cost of living, is home to the site, feel too tired to work every day are generally it is about 15 hours a month income even a DaGongZu salary are not, how can I go on? Every day is a question mark, think for a long time, finally decided to only do stand always stick to it, because I have no other technology, Do stand may have a slim chance of survival must seize this opportunity, and I hope all grassroots webmaster want to continue, I believe there will be a harvest of pay, refueling.

This was the first time I

in A5 on the article, here to wish A5 better and better, I also hope that the station better flow rate, IP rise.

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