Shenzhen manhole Street Development of tens of thousands of jobs to support employment and Entrepren

Shenzhen is the first window of China’s opening to the outside world, called the pioneer of China’s innovation spirit. In the new era, Shenzhen vigorously develop entrepreneurship employment, encourage innovation, the development of tens of thousands of jobs to support entrepreneurship.

"employment Qianbaishiyi project" is an innovative initiative in Shajing street social construction work, the government is implementing the "Baoan District comprehensive deepening of reform in the" rule of law "and urban construction" is an important content.

2015 at the beginning of the year, Shajing Street formulate issued "employment" Qianbaishiyi "project implementation plan" and "evaluation incentives", set up by the street party committee secretary, director of the office of Zhao Junping as head of the party working committee member Yang Xi as deputy head of the labor office director Pan Xiaofeng as the director of the office, office, office, finance street labor labor security service center, service center personnel, work group, the national tax bureau and local tax manhole manhole Xinqiao, market supervision and management, supervision and management of the market and the manhole community "business sector Qianbaishiyi" project leading group. In June 12th, held in Shajing Street "employment Qianbaishiyi" project meeting, signed the employment task responsibility and the community.

to improve and implement innovative policies to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial employment Qianbaishiyi "project has distinctive features. It innovatively proposed the development of 1000 jobs, to solve the employment of 100 residents, community arrangements for the employment of the residents of the community, helping young people in the community to start a business in 1".

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