Smart bracelet which brand is good

in the current national sports era, people not only love do all kinds of sports, but also love records, so a variety of smart Bracelet came in handy, but also because of this, the market will continue to increase, the brand on the market in the rich. So, smart bracelet which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to some of the more well-known brand.

smart bracelet is a wearable smart devices. By this bracelet, users can record everyday exercise, sleep, diet and other parts of the real-time data, and these data with mobile phone, tablet, iPod touch synchronization, play a guiding role in healthy living through data.

from the above purposes, the smart Bracelet potential customers are 200 million Chinese young people and about 150 million of China’s elderly or prospective elderly. Each sports bracelet is calculated 200 yuan, it is 70 billion Chinese future market; and Chinese global factory of the world, five times above the market value of 350 billion, which is the major manufacturers and the company look at fiercely as a tiger does reason.

smart bracelet which brand is good? Fitbit LOHAS (global leader in smart wearable devices, smart Bracelet industry well-known enterprises, one of the more innovative intelligent electronic equipment technology companies, the United States Fitbit company)

smart bracelet which brand is good? Jawbone (founded in the United States, the world’s leading personal electronic parts manufacturer, in the wearable device industry leader, Beijing Lang million Technology Development Co. Ltd.)

smart bracelet which brand is good? HUAWEI HUAWEI (beginning in 1987, the world’s leading telecom solutions provider, known for innovative technology, employee stock ownership of private technology companies, HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd.)

smart bracelet which brand is good? SAMSUNG Samsung (started in 1938 in Korea, the world’s top 500 enterprises, involving electronics / Finance / machinery / chemistry and many other areas of large multinational companies, Samsung Group)

smart bracelet which brand is good? Jia Ming Garmin (founded in 1989, one of the world’s leading brands of satellite positioning and navigation systems, committed to the design and development of GPS products, Beijing Jia Ming avionics Technology Co., Ltd.)

smart bracelet which brand is good? MisfitShine (founded in the United States, motion tracker health wearable devices fashion leader, industry well-known brands, China agent: Thakral Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

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