Shop name can not be too self willed


to store an interesting new name, this is every entrepreneur in the pursuit of the goal, however, some owners in order to create attractive target, shop name is also too headstrong"! Recently, friends crazy forwarded a stinky durian mango dessert station grand opening to praise the news.

regardless of businesses using WeChat platform stores like publicity to attract customers a free taste, light is the name is very eye-catching. The reporters found that the people of this name stink durian mango mixed, have Tucao also praise. Recently, the reporter visited the origin of the name of the street personality, found that a lot of people also lamented the name of personality.

visit: "the mouse sperm" "Balixiang" personality shop general

reporter visited the city hundreds of shops, the city found that personality is more common name.

A stall is located in

City West of the names of people called "the mouse sperm gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory". This stall lets a person not to avoid. According to local residents, the food stalls, the day basically did what the guest, the evening began operating barbecue business is good business. In the vicinity of the rich flower district, also opened a branch. Similarly, a company called "Grilled romance" barbecue restaurant in Times Square Rui Ke Long supermarket near.

: people sigh character name, mixed

visit, the name of a lot of restaurants are also very personalized. The old market near the city of "eight Restaurant Week", Liansheng Street "good", it makes clear that the store main dish "small Yunnan restaurant" etc.. Coffee cake Chashe leisure shop names are mostly small fresh, full range of art! The name of "2 cafe", "Mr. cake", "I drink good", "one meter sunshine" and so on attracted many young people. In a "Xiao Yaxuan" near the Chashe Jiayuan, is full of personality.

and catering leisure shop is different, Liansheng pedestrian street and the street near a lot of business clothing shop name is taking the new route. For example, "temptation", "clothing channel" and "a quiet and modest maiden".

reporter in the course of the visit, interviewed a number of people. The character name, a little like there tucao. People miss Wang told reporters that it felt very fashionable personality name ah, sometimes it is directed to the name, she would love to "Miss Cat shop" and the "Queen" of the two clothing store to buy clothes. Because she felt nice personality shop stores, also not bad taste.

lived in the street near the public Mr. Shaw, there are different views. Mr. Shaw said: "take" Yiyibushe ", a shopkeeper began to feel quite creative, will be reluctant to part and store > idiom

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