Tianjin explosion caused 112 deaths still more than 80 firefighters lost contact

shocked the Tianjin bombings in Hong Kong can be said to be a lot of Chinese affects the heart at the same time, after the explosion, the relevant government departments also began to actively search and rescue work, so far, have now identified 112 deaths.

16 on the 10 meeting of the Tianjin port "8· 12" Ruihai company of dangerous goods warehouse particularly serious fire explosion sixth press conference revealed that as of 16 May 9, the scene of the accident has found 112 bodies, which determine the identity of 24 people, 88 people identity has not been determined. After identity comparison, confirmed that the 4 mutilated bodies belonging to the two people, the death toll to reduce the number of people, plus the evening of 15 additional 10 people, currently a total of 112 people were killed.

confirmed, currently lost contact with the staff of 95 people, including 85 firefighters, including the public security fire service personnel 13 people, Tianjin public security fire personnel 72 people.


Clean up the problem about the peripheral

ruser, history made it clear that, according to the State Council Working Group, not only is the core area of 3 km around the perimeter, to clean up. In order to accomplish this task, in August 15th has drawn up 1000 soldiers, 1000 armed police, militia and reserve personnel more than and 400 people, more than 2 thousand people are now searching for external cleaning.

"reason to do so, because in the explosion process, there may be a small amount of harmful substances collapse out, then we detected and searched to collect, and carry out effective treatment, for the masses to return as soon as possible to create conditions." The history of ruser explained.


ruser history of major general in the press conference informed that from the latest test data, a small amount of harmful gases containing only air surrounding the core area, concentrations are lower than the national standard concentration of injury, will not cause secondary disasters to the human body.

History ruser said after the accident, the core area of risk weakening, timely organization antichemical professional strength, has 9 times into the blast site, soil samples were collected and detected by the data, to obtain first-hand information. Identify the main type, location and degree of danger of harmful substances, as recommended

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