Korean restaurant franchise location analysis

Korean restaurant stores need to choose a good location. Because these shops are generally for the young consumer, so businesses need to pay attention to the location of some of the problems. If you are a novice, the site is not very familiar with the problem, you can learn together with the small series, you can not miss the opportunity to learn business.

A, commercial activities in areas with high frequency

in the downtown area, the commercial activity is very frequently, the restaurant located in this area, the restaurant turnover will be higher. This site is called "golden port". On the contrary, if the shop in downtown, in some unfamiliar streets, few people tread it is difficult to improve the turnover. In modern society, "wine is also afraid of deep alley".

two, high population density areas

customer decides to purchase behavior

so, select the address generally can choose in more passengers, the station, or in the vicinity of several major stations. In the customer walk less than 20 minutes to open the streets of Korean restaurant franchise is ideal.

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