Wuhan a number of colleges and universities organized network poetry Conference

in the eyes of many young people, micro-blog is no stranger, we are through micro-blog launched a social, so that people’s leisure life becomes colorful. Today, a number of colleges and universities in Wuhan held a conference on micro-blog network poetry open up a fresh outlook provides more fun, to students’ life, make people further understand the broad and profound culture Chinese poetry.

Spring Festival holiday "Congress" China poetry hot, launched the "critical education network poetry conference", to "fly to" form to invite all colleges and universities to participate in the relay, there are thousands of colleges and universities replies. Most of the colleges and universities to a few words in the school motto for keywords say ancient poetry, but also to the characteristics of the university to fly a, such as the China Agricultural University, Ocean University of China’s "agriculture", "sea", "Communication University of China", 211 high school, Donghua University in the textile features is "clothing" as key words.


" Hau erudite, pursuit of excellence "is our motto," outstanding song "is the song. Excellence in education, excellence, excellence in life, excellence is the heart of science and technology in the hearts of the people of faith and unremitting pursuit." Wuhan University of Technology explains why they take "Zhuo" and "Yue" as to fly. Fly to Wuhan University and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology from the motto of "Ming Dehou, seeking innovation", "Bowen Ming, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Huazhong Agricultural University," Houde charitable "read Ligeng, Li has been Master", "Wuhan University of Science and Technology city learned to float, Soongsil" etc..

held in Wuhan, the Wang Kuo poetry conference, people see the young young, so many people see students abundant spiritual life, very good to show their love Chinese social culture poetry, to enrich people’s spiritual life.

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