Water steam lotus stone fish under a hegemon is your wealth


the invention of the steam engine marks the world’s first industrial revolution, today Xiaobian not want to introduce what history, but to borrow the "steam" recommend a delicacy to everybody, it is steam stone fish.

according to the latest survey data show that the steam stone fish market is mainly composed of 20-40 year old young occupation, especially the backbone of society at the age of 30-39, this part of people pay attention to taste focus on health, the steam stone fish’s highest recognition, stone fish consumers accounted for 52%, while the age of 20-29 young people, belonging to the early adopters population, accounted for 28%, while 20 students under the age group accounted for only 4%, 40 years of age or older accounted for only 16%, because the water pond? Steam stone fish hit the health of the brand is to become an independent school, said water pond? Steam stone fish market still has very large space to rise. The student community, water pond? Steam stone fish is a delicacy nutrition, can improve immunity, and for the elderly, the pond water vapor? Stone fish health effects is beyond doubt.

farewell fumes steamed fresh fish soup good nutrition

fish in the water pond is no longer only fried, boiled, fried, baked in these allow diners dining environment, smoke damage fish nutrition, water pond? Steam stone fish "let you use innovative steam, retained all ingredients is really close to the nature, eat green water good nutrition! Stone fish pond? Steam" cooking soup, completely different from the traditional Hot pot soup, fish soup often use traditional artificial fish Hot pot powder blend, or simply by placing the fish into the boiling water cooked, "water pond? Steam stone fish" fish soup, is completely without any added fish, only rely on the stone pot + + steam stewing pure fish stock, this is the real "water lotus soup!? steam stone fish" to eat more than one, a pot of fish after leaving In addition to the soup soup to drink, but also when Hot pot soup, meat and vegetables to eat directly rinse meat, beef, mutton, chicken, duck, mushrooms and vegetables…… A delicious soup, gently rinse, nutritious and delicious can enjoy the incomparable


In addition

, "water vapor stone fish pond?" product research and development center Chinese Cuisine Association relying on the advantages of resources, by the executive director, Chinese China Culinary Institute of culinary masters, China catering the judges at the national level, the national food industry recognized division, Beijing Super Master Chef, cooking master master Shi Wanrong like – China golden chef national nutritionist Liu Peng organized into a number of food and beverage industry as the backbone of the chef, with rich food and beverage industry management personnel management team, and is committed to product innovation, product development, professional team.

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