Changyu Wine well known venture investors a good choice

with the improvement of modern life, people are beginning to pay attention to fashion and beauty Jiapin, Wine wine have great market, as a hundred years brand Changyu Wine, a romantic meaning there is the price, have been touted.

hundred years of wine, Changyu Wine become the preferred. When the familiar "Merry Christmas" Melody sounded, Taiwan famous writer Qi Shaoren Wine, Taiwan famous Wine expert Lin Dianli wine circle big coffee turned Santa Claus, carrying the "blind tasting champion" Zhang Yuzui Shixian debut, a warm blessing and Christmas gift, in the wine sweet romantic night with live guests were famous feast.

Tianjin, "when the nine Hejin Road, seven provincial zhouche". One hundred years of Jincheng amidst the winds of change on both sides of the river tide, created Tianjin, and Chinese and Western compatible with a unique city style, especially when the concession, leaving a large number of Western architecture celebrities, China become the epitome of modern history, but also to Tianjin to leave the "World Architecture Museum" reputation.

Changyu Wine

Changyu Wine

Tianjin in late Qing Dynasty history old photos

and Tianjin Changyu origin one hundred years ago the story begins with the British concession in Tianjin. A 1920s British community from Tianjin Street "Yuxing accountant Changyu Wine old advertising display:" the company manufacture all kinds of wine, sold overseas, has long been popular, all patriots are welcome. To the brewing of exquisite, healthy, real far between driving on imports…… To expand the business, in the hotel restaurant to open a bottle of retail, a person can drink at meal service, please try the Patriots, we know not wrong." Thus, a hundred years ago Wine Changyu, has been popular in the Tianjin Wei restaurants, high streets and back lanes.

Changyu Wine

Tianjin Street Community "Yuxing accountant Changyu Wine old ad

1940’s, Changyu Beijing general agent of "prosperity", released a number of ads in Tianjin "Yong Bao", one "Changyu large Wan Xiang (Dy), Wine innocent with light by sweet white Wine (Sweet Hock) said:" advertising "weak, do not think of eating, but drink Changyu real white Wine, Paul can increase appetite……" There is a "Mid Autumn Festival" advertisement said: "sincere gifts to buy goods, send them by sincerity for." Ad listed wine is forty years, thirty years Venus gold prize brandy brandy, sweet red sweet red Wine, Cabernet Wine, fragrant, with pale Wine Dawan innocence by sweet white Wine, and stressed that "the public laboratory that pure Grape Juice brewing".

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