Lily rice brand recommendation

remember to work, all the students went to play at the weekend, students will give me a variety of specialty, impressed with her do cooking, because it is very delicious. Rice production is simple, unique taste. But Xiaobian not to introduce what brand of rice, but to introduce a rice production with similar lily meal package project.


board is pickled cabbage, such as leaf in the palm, then cooked, stir fry onion, bean paste and Steamed Rice on top, with both hands on the leaves, or package volume growth, holding to eat; or package together, holding hands to eat, very delicious. Lily rice bag, the main green, healthy, nutritious and delicious rice and vegetable roll, let you eat money.

Lily rice package brand recommendation:

in the selection, selection of the lily rice nutrient rich variety of rice and cereals, organic rice, Thai fragrant rice, purple rice, black glutinous rice, white glutinous rice, rice, rice, rice, pearl rice, sorghum, millet, corn, rice, rice, peanuts and other cereal nutrition, after a certain the proportion of allocation, to produce different color, smell and taste of the rice and vegetable roll.

lily meal packets of rice raw materials elegant, the proportion of allocation spices well developed, with cereal grain for the coat, with Western nutritional ingredients for fillings, taste rich, nutritious, but also to meet the modern pursuit of new fashion trend of consumption, so as to become students, office workers, youth, children hot fashion delicacy


Lily rice bag, delicious and nutritious, is the common people like food. Headquarters through professional training and standardization, can be quickly trained experts in the production of rice and vegetable roll, which also need to hire a restaurant chef, which operates independently, join the lily rice bag, so you can not stop wealth, wealth billows.

above is just a brief introduction to the lily rice bag, if you are interested in joining the brand, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange staff to see the message to contact you.

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