Those stars in the process of entrepreneurship entrepreneurship sour sweet bitter hot

is now the electric car market is a business opportunity is everywhere, as early as a few years ago, the lithium battery is worth is amazing, set off an upsurge of investment will create a great sensation, has the benefit of countless entrepreneurs and investors.

2009, 2010, the battery industry "Crazy", as long as the concept of a little, the enterprise stock price will rise, will rise with every lithium, lithium monster out frequency described the hot market is no exaggeration……

leaf springs recalled the scene, still remember. In fact, before many private capital into the great leap forward, the 22 year old leaf spring has entered a ring battery industry chain, production of lithium battery electrolyte materials, and become a local entrepreneurial star known to every family in Shandong province in 2014, and the Ye Quan entrepreneurship competition talent shows itself, the provincial capital into the public view with his entrepreneurial story together, the sour, sweet, bitter, hot start-up.

from wage earners to boss

2008 in the second half of the leaf spring is about to graduate from the university came to Shenzhen practice, doing sales at a Taiwan lithium battery factory, the battery industry’s explosive growth, also let the leaf springs in the waterside pavilion tasted the sweetness, earned the first pot of gold.

"a few months to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars." At that time, only 21 years old leaf springs found that his company’s goods simply do not worry about selling, home ordering carts have to queue. Not only that, there are a few years ago just a small enterprise only millions of assets, all of a sudden promotion for the tens of millions of assets of the echelon, this is what speed?"

2009 at the beginning of the year, leaf springs sit still, he returned to his hometown in Zaozhuang, looking for three partners, the establishment of the Shandong hung positive battery Mstar Technology Ltd. "The main raw material for the production of lithium battery electrolyte." Ye Quan told reporters that the reason why the choice of electrolyte, lithium battery because the technical threshold is relatively high, there was no team and their own funds, the choice of the next.

"the industry is growing, the profit is very high, the industry profit in 30%–40%, any one link in this chain will share a cup of soup. Moreover, when I returned to Zaozhuang, I found that my hometown already had a 4 home appliance factory, and there was no electrolyte factory." In the view of leaf spring, the opportunity beckons to him at the same time, family support, leaf spring full of confidence to start a business trip.

failure under domestic trouble and foreign invasion

in the beginning, the leaf spring said, entrepreneurship is far from easy to imagine, even in the "air", also cannot ensure certain blow up, may be blown away.

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