Novice how to join the brand clothing store what skills

wants to open a clothing store, it’s not a simple thing. Now clothing brands on the market more and more, so novice how to join the brand clothing store? Experts recommend beginners choice to join the brand clothing store shop sales, insurance, business headquarters will vigorously support, but failed to meet the eye everywhere case. Today we see the franchise brand clothing stores have what skills would you like to open />

Add novice how to join the brand clothing store? According to your mid-range clothing store, should be similar to the kind of store shops to buy it? I tell you in two ways:

a, to join the brand clothing, you find a brand you and talk to him to join the thing, this process is generally is this: for joining clothing company – on the joining conditions – rental shops – apply for business license – Recruitment – good employees doing this.

b, independent wholesale sales, that is to say: to sell brand-name clothing wholesale market to understand the situation – – rental shops for business licenses – staff in place – to the wholesale market purchase and sale price – store display clothing – wait for customers to buy.

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