Suihua to promote investment work to achieve new breakthroughs

in each region and local now have begun to set off a hot wave of investment at the same time, more and more people will look into some aspects of government policy, recently, Suihua city leaders held an investment conference.

15 October morning, deputy secretary and mayor Wang Jinhui at the Municipal Department of investment promotion meeting, municipal departments and units to raise awareness, the investment work in an important position, clear responsibilities, and strengthen measures to highlight the main direction and focus, optimize the investment services, do not reduce the strength of investment and not loose momentum, the standard does not drop, and vigorously promote the construction of industrial projects investment to achieve new breakthroughs.


investment to implement the national and provincial introduced policies to support the development of industrial projects, the implementation of the municipal government promulgated a new steady growth and development of the implementation plan, but also make good use of the regional advantages of Suihua, traffic advantage and the quality of agricultural and animal husbandry resources advantages and resources. Vigorously promote the orientation of investment, focusing on investment, technology investment and marketing investment. Targeted investment is around the Suihua resources to investment, Suihua green agricultural and livestock products, chemical products, land, electricity and other resources and advantage is our unique and very obvious advantages of investment. Key investment is already formed around the project to improve the industrial chain, to connect the various sectors of the industry; has landed in the recommended

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