Ten mistakes made by Li Kaifu entrepreneurs

Li Kaifu the name everyone should be very familiar with his wonderful deeds on the Internet has been admired by everyone. From apple, Microsoft to Google, from Google to innovation works, from the mature business model of large multinational companies to control the financing risk investment, Li Kaifu again completed its occupation career on entrepreneurship gorgeous, he has a lot to say, about ten entrepreneurs often make mistakes all he pointed out.

entrepreneurs blocking the door of investors, investors to send Email, investors believe that the investment will see the mail. In fact, it is not so simple, investors every day to see hundreds of business plans, and then screening and in-depth investigation, it is impossible for you to win.

second wrong: "shoot mind idea".

do not think that the brain will come up with ideas to get investment, good ideas are worthless.

third wrong: "want to no depth".

entrepreneurs are very impetuous, there is a point of view, immediately write a business plan, looking for investment, but met, a few questions down, entrepreneurs have been asked down.

Fourth wrong: "stack of business model".

some entrepreneurs love to a series of "popular business model elements stacked, but in fact it makes investors very sick.

fifth wrong: "false demand".

entrepreneurs like to enlarge the needs of the surrounding population. For example, my wife has this need, my friend has this demand". But these requirements are pseudo demand, not entrepreneurs from the real users there to ask.

sixth wrong: "excessive paranoia".

very individual entrepreneurs to get investment, I have a terminal illness, you do not come to see me, I will not live, such a paranoid discourse threat. In this case, even if investors come to see you, but ultimately depends on the project.

seventh wrong: "underestimate the difficulty of entrepreneurship".

business is difficult, almost inaccessible. Even if you get Li Kaifu’s investment today, to enter the incubator incubator innovation, in order to become Tencent, Alibaba, such as the probability of the enterprise is less than 1/1000.

eighth wrong: "mystery".

entrepreneurs to the idea when the trade secrets, and investors talk about conditions: first give money to say something". You know, entrepreneurs rely on the implementation of victory, not a secret idea.

ninth wrong: "not good".

entrepreneurs "theft" of intellectual property rights of others.

investors hope that entrepreneurs can be summed up in one sentence: project situation, user, market and team characteristics. Don’t waste time with each other".

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