Successful stationery store to pay attention to what


Chinese attach great importance to education, so that all kinds of stationery market continues to increase, the profit of the industry is also very rich, however, considerable differences of Maori stationery 70% also has 10% hypermarkets, due to the current existence. Therefore, in the form of a simple stationery store, there is little chance of survival.

open stationery stores need to have some success:

1, location: near the school or large office buildings.

2, relationship: This is important, especially in group sex very strong consumer, such as students, if a good relationship with the school stationery shop, many engage in group purchase like, even if is the office, to the company’s responsible person to improve relations.

3, supply channels: no worries, before the courage to go.

4, marketing: simple stationery store sales are relatively strong dependence on location, can be appropriate when opening the community online store for students class customers, can carry out integral sales or other way. Specific measures to be determined.

, if a small stationery shop in the city Likaiduo home interlocking type, not only into the corporate culture, but also reduces the cost of benefits.

small scale stationery store general investment is relatively small, such as a 30 square meters of stationery stores, including renovation, including the estimated investment of 25 thousand yuan can be. Because stationery will not deteriorate, the investment is small, so the risk is not great. Generally speaking, this kind of store profit is very high, can reach more than 100%, as long as the monthly turnover reached 4000 yuan, will not lose money.

if you intend to invest in a stationery store, then the investment is relatively large. The main investment in the wholesale store is a large amount of money and liquidity. A medium-sized stationery wholesale store about to invest about 500 thousand, office supplies wholesale store retail profit is not high, about between 10% to 20%.

office supplies distribution shop between retail and wholesale, the most important thing is to find a stable customer. About 100 thousand yuan can open a shop based on the distribution of income is also between wholesale and retail.

location for office supplies store, it is very important. If it is to open a retail store, then the best choice in the customer base is relatively concentrated, such as schools nearby, so as to ensure adequate source. But pay attention to the situation in the vicinity of peers, if a regional retail stores are too dense, then it will be difficult to survive. If it is a wholesale or distribution or sales of equipment, mainly based on the text, then do not need a lot of downtown, and even in the more remote places are not selected

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