Shop to do business need to adjust their emotions


troubles, or the customer is vexatious, many shopkeepers to be angry, especially when the weather is hot, angry more become a very common thing. This does not, these days the temperature reached 36 to 37 degrees, the air is hot, the mood is not good, the mood appears agitated, the whole morning depressed. At this time, there are a couple, to the store to buy a pack of beer, they put the beer in the middle at the foot of the two wheeled electric vehicle in front of the store, the wife put the stuff in the back seat, the car left, a pack of beer was don’t pedal down, "bang" sound of a broken bottle.

male customers picked up a bottle of beer, broken out on the corner, going to go, the female customer said: "we haven’t left the shop door, let them in a new house, not good-looking." I came out of the shop and said sorry for them, "Oh, I’m not sure. New, can, and then paste a bottle of money." A female customer, no, did not leave your shop door, you have to lose this bottle of wine." I have to pay for gas, falling from your car, your own accidentally fell below, what I lost? You said, for you will accompany? Unjustly, I’m a hot head, said: "this is not my responsibility, may not give you the money."


customers still says: "I bought in your store wine, also did not leave your home, you have broken your pay, so big stores, even a bottle of wine can not afford to lose." I also heard the more angry: "this is not pay up can not afford to lose it, if I handed you, dropped and broke, I lost. It’s you who didn’t put it down. No matter what I do, I can’t pay you." Male customer advised his wife: "forget it, is not a bottle of beer? It’s not worth getting angry, go away, the family is waiting for us." Female customers walk away, the mouth is also the whisper of the.

customer, I calm down, my heart is awkward, earn reasonable, but hurt. Think about a bottle of beer? Worth 2 dollars, the figure of a moment, offend a customer, not good, even several customers, worth it? In my heart, I feel sorry for myself. Don’t just offend a customer, his influence is not small. As the saying goes: "good things do not pass, bad news travels" he will tell his relatives and friends, as well as relatives of relatives and friends, the consequences are self-evident.

"how can I suddenly become irritable temper, good to speak, not to be unhappy." I said to myself, a familiar customer, said: "that woman usually love petty gain, do not suffer, she is your village so and so sister-in-law, today to her father’s birthday." She said that I think of this, so and so and her husband is a classmate, is the argument of the female customer’s brother-in-law.

dry timber business, usually with a lot of goods, today also took two cigarettes, said to his father-in-law’s birthday, if she was.

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