White collar entrepreneurship two to the three principle

many white-collar workers looking at the surface bright, in fact, wage income is not high, work time and leisure, so many people want to go on the road of entrepreneurship, but their entrepreneurial compared to those professional entrepreneurs, there are more negative, then they should abide by the principle of what, only more likely to succeed?

for a few years working experience of white-collar workers, often ambivalent this: on the one hand to a stable income, do not have to bear the risk; on the other hand also complained that the salary is too low, can not meet the growing desire to own. Many people have always cherished the dream of starting a business, but because of fear of failure and always maintain the status quo, dare not take the first step in the actual action.

white-collar while working and entrepreneurship is the first step, a bold attempt to what they want to do is "both", once the success is the best of both worlds: to get the benefits of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial risk brought by the advantages of effectively combining both work and entrepreneurship, truly can offensive guard. Once lost, they lost is not caused the failure of economic losses, more likely to face the imminent loss of a once stable work threat, and former top gun and confidence.

A: as ready to do full-time business dedicated to planning your part-time business.

The two day:

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