What are the tips for choosing a convenience store

opened a convenience store, is facing a huge number of consumers, more or rely on a variety of goods, so, if you want to make our business more prosperous, natural also need to have better goods. However, for many convenience store operators, the purchase is a very troubling problem. In fact, this is also a way to master. So, what are the convenience store convenience?

is the number of goods to take advantage of a convenience store, so you have to know how to choose goods.

is a scientific choice of goods, the survey for the 20 to 49 year old Internet users in the relevant agencies, the most important group in the convenience store consumer goods distribution in food and beverage, accounted for more than 70% of all goods.

You need

factors according to the convenience store location, the main customer groups and a series of reasonable distribution. For example, the convenience store near the office can increase the proportion of fast food, and residential areas can be prepared in the vicinity of a number of daily necessities.

in the convenience store, most of the goods are in the profits of 20% to 30%, but you can according to the actual situation, add baking, desserts and fresh foods such as gross margin, high frequency of purchase of goods. In addition, according to statistics, in a single convenience store spending less than 20 yuan in consumers accounted for about 70%, so there is no need to buy some high-end goods. As for the number of goods, to ensure that the full range of rich premise, so that the amount of less times, less stock, often purchase. After all, the inventory is low, the rapid turnover is the convenience store money of the king.

in terms of the purchase of channels, in addition to the traditional retail wholesalers, agents and franchisees headquarters, in recent years, the rise of B2B procurement platform is also a good choice. Such as the purchase of treasure, order treasure, easy to order such procurement platform, manufacturers and retail terminal sellers conducted a seamless link, the cost of the process of the goods to be compressed, you can make convenience stores to save procurement costs.

shop is the goal of business is to make money, and want to make money, we naturally need to invest more energy in the above goods. If you open a convenience store, but also for the purchase of the problem, then, through the introduction of the above article, now you know how to purchase it? Do a good job in stock, will be able to let you open a convenience store oh.

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