Two or three lines of convenience stores should be located

Although a lot of business opportunities, but the competition is very intense, but also a lot of high cost, so that the general entrepreneur unbearable

. If you want to open a convenience store, two or three line city is undoubtedly a good choice. However, the development of convenience stores in two or three cities is very important point is the site. Two or three lines of urban traffic environment and shopping environment is restricted, so cross regional flow of people is much smaller than the first tier cities. This means that in the two or three tier cities, convenience stores will be more services to the fixed crowd. This means that the location is the most important factor in the success or failure of a store.

two or three line city convenience store should be how to choose? What factors need to be considered?

1, the income level of the surrounding population. To ensure that the average income level of the surrounding population of not less than 3000 yuan, the income can be guaranteed in the payment of rent, food, transportation and other living expenses must have a certain balance. This will ensure that the premium ability of the convenience store is guaranteed.

2, surrounded by a stable living or working crowd. A convenience store, in the two or three line of the city’s coverage, you can go to the surrounding 500 meters, then you have to be able to ensure that at least within the scope of the above 500 meters of at least 3000 or more households or working people. Into the store convenience store conversion rate is very high, so you have to do is to increase the number of people into the store, and the convenience store because the area and category restrictions, means that the traditional influence of promotional activities such as project basically difficult to pull. Therefore, the surrounding crowd is the main guarantee of your store daily operating income.

3, a mature business district can form a better matching. The so-called matching means the formation of the surrounding fast food restaurants, cafes, entertainment and so on, these will crowd the crowd and bundling rigid consumption has a direct pull.

is now a lot of people have already made plans to venture capital, but there is no way to do a good job of the relevant location, I do not know where the shop is a good choice. Summary: I recommend the site in the two or three line of the city to the convenience store is the best in the school, office buildings, stations, public cultural square, area of import and export, rather than first-tier cities as a main road in the city.

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