The entrepreneurial life change radically the final success

is not actually reliable vigorous and unrestrained, looks very assertive, especially in the business it is gifted, this is a lot of people for the evaluation of Li Zhi and Li Zhi’s story is interesting.

25 years old was named Beijing’s ten largest designer

1997, a brief college life was soon over. Home and he discussed: after graduation, you come back, the house also give you the unit to find a good, everyone is a good unit of envy." Li Zhipian said: "don’t go back, I decided to stay in Beijing UN Chau decoration company." The family nature cannot understand, Li Zhi is not much to explain, down to do the design in the UN Chau decoration company obsessed. In 2000, 25 years old, he was promoted to general manager of Beijing District, was also named as the Beijing’s top designer".

had lost hundreds of thousands of savings

the title and honor was so easy, the young Li Zhi began to smug.

6 years, Li Zhi twice quit, the difference because of the concept of the. Li Zhi believes that home improvement designers can explicitly charge fees, but should not eat kickbacks. The reason why the industry is still not standardized, mainly because there is no practical management approach. Li Zhi began to have the idea of being a boss.

2005 years, Li Zhiyi ran away from the annual salary of 100 thousand yuan Wantong design company, started his own boss. Li Chi to his company played a very elegant name – Shang life decoration company. Although Li Zhi also made careful preparations, but the operation is not smooth, the business staff go, neither dead nor alive, scattered scattered, finally, leaving only three employees and he struggled together.

2007 years, the company has finally turned a corner, Li Zhi also earned a bowl full of pots. In 2008, he is out of the question in the dormitory renovation project of a company of Aerospace City, hundreds of thousands of savings lost all in.

back do occupation manager

change radically not defeat Li Zhi, after a period of adjustment, he began looking for opportunities to develop themselves, to pursue a dream. Chance favors the prepared mind. Li Zhi’s former business partner Asian light Asia decorates group provided a chance for him to rise — do occupation managers. He would not hesitate to choose the recommended

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