The success story of Wang Jian a young entrepreneur

now, the pace of development of online games is obvious to all, more and more people to join the online games this wealth territory. In the domestic game industry, as long as Wang Jian came to power, his hair will be a hot topic, the game circle of love to love his molested his micro-blog sent to micro-blog on the wall.

this is a bit like a "A Tongmu" style he left nearly 10 years. It was only a year before he was 07073 years old.

07073 from the game forum transition to Webpage Game media, has become Sina, Tencent, NetEase and other portal game channel exclusive content provider, which is Baidu strategic investment of 10 million yuan to become the industry leader. But every time the founder Wang Jian about his age, the listener will be scared: he was born in 2002, when the site was founded in 1988, only 14 years old, read the second year.

recently his new project is a cube network, Mobile Games media. Jingwei venture vice president Wang Huadong at the first meeting with Wang Jian, after hearing his plan to resist to investment. One of the reasons are: the industry absolutely no younger than Wang Jian’s veteran character.

With 17173


game is on the Internet with most of the GDP industry, the flow of information is very frequent in the circle. At the end of 2012, Wang Jian planned to set up Mobile Games media, the news spread like wildfire.

and Wang Huadong chat later, Wang Jian met with several partner Jingwei, eventually cube network start-up capital from Wang Jian himself and the 10 million yuan investment in transit.


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