What are the means of catering shop marketing

hot food industry is self-evident, in the fierce competition in the market, how many people fiasco, how many people will never stand up, the number of people who can really reach the peak, there should be a means to deal with success. Do a good job marketing is the first step to open the success of the restaurant, then open a restaurant needs what kind of marketing it?

1, new media marketing: spread fast, wide radiation, good results, the rapid release of the brand

2, test marketing: bribe experience, will be envious of the passenger door to mobilize the masses to do marketing

3, progressive discount marketing: Crazy discounts, letting customers stop

4, hunger marketing: time limit to create a hot queue

5, emotional marketing: commitment to a little more than

6, taste marketing: delicious food must be delicious

7, Yan value marketing: good-looking and delicious play is Neiwaijianxiu

marketing is not a gimmick is needed to resonate with customers, the restaurant business is not just to get sustainable access to the consumer’s identity in the "value", but also in the heart of "values" are recognized by experience.

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