8 to spend money to print Jing Bao Gang printing 8 manufacturing and selling counterfeit counterfeit

yesterday, Xuzhou police announced together just cracked the case of large manufacturing and selling counterfeit money. The police in the case, a total of more than 400 yuan counterfeit money seized and destroyed Hubei, Shandong, Henan, to Jiangsu province and large manufacturing and selling counterfeit crime network, 14 suspects were arrested. It is worth mentioning that the suspect made through the printer equipment such as counterfeit money, many vendors in the market, using the test, the police had paid out a success rate of 80%.

markets are frequent pull large gangs selling counterfeit

in January 17th this year, Xuzhou Jiawang police received a public warning, a large area of Wuzhen many farmers market appeared 20 yuan, 50 yuan face value of counterfeit money. According to reports, a man surnamed Zhang soon arrested. After the examination, the police learned that Zhang since the beginning of September last year, through the network from a multiple man named "KK" to buy 20 yuan, 50 yuan face value of semi-finished counterfeit money, followed by Zhang in the East shop near the city of rental housing to counterfeit money for further processing.

responsible for the investigation of the case of Jiawang Public Security Bureau, Zhang to buy counterfeit two processing, the process is very simple, or by hanging glue, hot stamping and other procedures, the successful completion of the production. As of the incident, Zhang forged 1 yuan counterfeit money, illegal profit 3000 yuan from.

with the in-depth investigation, the case of the police found that Zhang is a huge selling counterfeit crime at the end of the chain. From the suspects confessed, the police noted that all clues point to the city of Hubei, Xiaogan.

task force in Hubei, Xiaogan, Wuhan and other places of secret investigation, in March 15th, the task force police mastered the suspect KK true identity, and identified the suspect’s residence. The next day at 3 a.m., zhuabu from Xuzhou to Anlu City, Hubei Province, on the same day 5 in the afternoon, in the local express shop, is ready to send counterfeit suspects Lumou, Jiang and his girlfriend was arrested, Zhang Jiang is the shipper "KK".

10 parcels sent from the scene of the suspects, police seized fifth sets of a total of more than 1.8 yuan face value of counterfeit money. The suspects rented room, police seized on the spot without cutting the triptych, a value of more than 180 of the four million yuan, send counterfeit counterfeit courier stub, more than 130 copies, the site also seized for the crime of several sets of tools and equipment. According to the suspects confessed, Lumou, Jiang’s on-line gold teacher was arrested in March 19th by the police.

is actually a counterfeit money printed by ordinary detector inspection

it is understood that the case is cracked, police lasted more than two months, in 10 provinces and 15 cities, arrested the main suspect 14 people recommended

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