Entrepreneurs how to choose a good location

in the entrepreneurship process, the most important step is to choose a good location. So how to choose the shop? First of all, we must choose a good location, densely populated or large flow of the place, followed by further investigation of the specific circumstances, and finally, do not hesitate to take the store!

select business to grasp the following key areas: grasp the passenger " " " cash flow " principle, set up shop in heavy traffic, a bustling bustling area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary area, because the crowd is The stream never stops flowing. potential source, as long as you are selling goods or providing the service can meet the needs of the consumers, will have a good performance.

Lots of large passenger flow of

The second step:

for further investigation

in the preliminary selected shop location, should be comprehensively investigated further, do some investigation and analysis of the situation, in order to decide whether to end on this point. The following aspects are mainly investigated.


third step: take the fancy store

as soon as possible

once found the ideal store, to make a prompt decision as soon as possible, shot fast, take the fancy of the shop, it is very likely to be due to Undue delay may bring trouble., you hesitate while others lead to missed opportunities The early bird catches. How to get the store? Negotiation is of vital importance.

on a good price for the shop rent, the rent is often a fixed cost is the largest, and the landlord before the bargain, you should first have a >

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